Flow Control Valves

Strengthen your process with industrial & flow control valves from Meacon Corporation

Valve Types and Applications

Meacon carries many valves in a variety of materials, sizes and configurations for general purpose, food and beverage, high purity, pharmaceuticals, chemical handling and bioprocessing applications. Common valves types include diaphragm, bellows, ball, glove, butterfly and sliding gate to name a few.  

We also carry check valves, relief valves, control valves and actuators, excess flow valves,  metering valves, needle valves, solenoid valves, mix-proof valves, sample valves and stopcocks. Also available are valve controls, positioners, indicators and switches and lock-out and tag-out systems. 

Adding the right valve to your system can improve efficiency, workplace safety and product quality. Obtain the best industrial or flow control valve for your process by contacting the experts at Meacon. We take pride in recommending client-specific solutions. We also offer online technical support, on-site inventory management, custom assembly and technical training seminars.

Meacon is a leading supplier of high purity and industrial flow components and systems. We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs quickly and at an affordable price.