Level Monitors, Sensors & Switches

Level Monitors, Sensors & Switches

Measurement Control Device

Receiving precise real-time information is vital to optimize your process. Accurately control and measure the amount of product in your tank or storage container with high purity flow switches, level monitors, and sensors.

Whether you need to record fluid amounts, guard against under or overfilling, actuate one or more operations or trigger an alarm when levels recorded are outside of set conditions, Meacon Corporation can help obtain accurate and repeatable results.

We distribute a variety of measurement control devices from the world’s premier fluid handling product manufacturers for high purity, sanitary and industrial applications. Featuring world-class accuracy and repeatability, the level monitors, sensors and switches we carry offer consistent performance, meet international industry standards and can help protect and improve your process.

Services and Support

Meet your application’s fluid handling needs with custom solutions from our experienced team. In addition, we offer online technical support, on-site inventory management, custom assembly and technical training seminars.

Meacon is a leading supplier of high purity and industrial flow components and systems. We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs on time and at a competitive price.