High Performance Peristaltic Pumps and Tubing

Masterflex products offer optimum performance and reliability for laboratory, analytical and industrial process applications.

Founded in 1955, the company’s line of pumps and fluid system components includes peristaltic pumps, positive displacement pumps, metering pumps, centrifugal pumps, tubing, fittings, filters, regulators and flow meters.

Designed for compatibility with a variety of chemicals, Masterflex pumps are versatile. Operators can configure a pump for a current application and later choose to change each component to suit another specific need. Masterflex products are well known and used throughout many industries including biotechnology, environmental and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Meacon is a trusted Masterflex products & pump supplier. From large projects to individual products, our technical sales team can meet your fluid handling needs. 

Peristaltic Pumps

  • C/L Series – Low Flow & Compact
  • L/S Series – Highest Accuracy
  • I/P Series – Most Powerful
  • B/T Series – Highest Flow


  • Silicone (platinum-cured)
  • Silicone (peroxide-cured)
  • BioPharm Silicone (platinum-cured)
  • BioPharm Plus Silicone (platinum-cured)
  • Puri-Flex™ 
  • C-Flex® 
  • C-Flex® ULTRA 
  • PharMed® BPT
  • PharmaPure® 
  • Chem-Durance® Bio 
  • PTFE 
  • Tygon® E-LFL 
  • Tygon® E-Food (B-44-4X)
  • Tygon® E-Lab (E-3603)
  • Tygon® Fuel & Lubricant (F-4040-A)
  • Tygon® Chemical (2001)
  • Norprene® (A 60 G)
  • Norprene® Food (A 60 F)
  • GORE® Style 100SC 
  • GORE® Style 500 
  • GORE® Style 400 
  • Viton®

 Industries & Applications

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Harvesting cell media
  Manufacturing IV bag dispensing
  Spiral ultrafiltration
  Fermentation control
  Dissolution testers
  Cosmetic dispensing
Food and Beverage Pizza sauce dispensing
  Salad dressing pump
  Glass washing system
  Ice cream pump
  Automatic drain cleaners
  Popcorn butter dispensing
  Vitamin A & D injection
Industrial & Manufacturing Adhesives for cement
  Carpet sanitizers/cleaners
  Caustic detergents
  Chemicals for car washers
  Dyes in fabric manufacturing
  Etching chemicals for plate processors
  Chlorine analyzers
  Dispensing glue emulsions
  Laundry chemicals
  pH control of effluent
  Smoke-generating machines
  Plating chemicals
  Pulp quality monitoring
  Microfilm developing machine
  Oil skimmer
  Silicon Wafer rinse
  Crankcase oil analyzer
  Inks for lithographs
  Lubricator for ball bearings
  Coating for coils
  Tank transfer pumps
  Polishing Slurry pump
  Web printing inks
Research & Development Acid/base dispensing
  Aspiration of tissue culture media
  Circulation of cell suspension in fermentation
  Coolant circulation in low temp baths
  Desiccator air circulation
  Distilled water transfer
  Dispensing agar into petri dishes
  Filtration pumps
  Flow injection analysis
  Gas sampling system
  Gel column pump
  Injection metering pump
  Liquid-phase chemiluminescence
  Magnetic particle separation
  Nutrient supply for cultures
  pH acid/base metering
  Spectrophotometer pump
  Sterilized media dispensing
  Transfer pump-circulating baths
  Toxicology assays (salt solutions)
Environmental Contaminated ground water
  Chemical drum sampling
  Enzyme isolation
  Flow injection analysis
  Greenhouse watering
  Fertilizer applications
  Pesticide delivery systems
  Sewage/sludge analysis
  Tree spraying
  Water salinity analyzers
  Wastewater sampling