Saint-Gobain - Life Sciences

Saint-Gobain - Life Sciences

Saint-Gobain - Life Sciences

Life Sciences - Critical Fluid Handling Systems for Biotechnology

Saint-Gobain’s Life Sciences division is a global leader in the development and integration of innovative materials and components, creating products and solutions for the biopharmaceutical production market.

Saint-Gobain’s critical fluid management products are designed to meet the biopharmaceutical industry’s evolving needs by offering superior performance, safety and quality assurance. The company’s line of sanitary processing systems includes bioprocess containers, carboys, connections, critical process vessels, custom assemblies, fabrication equipment, high purity piping, hoses, single-use assemblies, tubing and tubing clamps. Its brand name products are well known in the industry and include BarbLock, Bio-Simplex, C-Flex, EZ Top, PharmaFluor, PharmaPure, PharMed, Pure-Fit, SANISeal, Sani-Tech and TYGON. 

Improve your process with Meacon, a Saint-Gobain biopharmaceutical product supplier and leading distributor of high purity and industrial fluid handling components and systems. Whether an off-the-shelf product or custom fabrication, our highly trained experts can help solve your fluid handling challenges. Contact us for more information.


  • Single-Use Bioprocess Bags
  • Single-Use Custom Assemblies
  • Carboys
  • Caps and Closures
  • Connections
  • Critical Process Vessels
  • High-Purity Plastic Piping
  • Hoses
  • Fittings and Adapters
  • Flexible Tubing and Tube Clamps
  • Custom Fabrication Equipment 


  • BarbLock®
  • Bio-Simplex®
  • C-Flex®
  • EZ Top®
  • PharmaFluor®
  • PharmaPure®
  • PharMed®
  • Pure-Fit®
  • SaniPure™
  • SANIseal®
  • Sani-Tech®
  • TYGON®