Brisk Heat

Brisk Heat

Flexible Surface Heating Elements, Controls and Accessories

Bring process heating and cooling temperatures, condensation and viscosity under control with flexible temperature regulating solutions from BriskHeat.

BriskHeat manufactures flexible surface heating elements, controls and accessories, which include heaters and temperature controllers. The company’s products are ideal for petrochemical, semiconductor, food processing, biotechnology, laboratory and power generation industries. Piping, vessels, pumps and valves are applications that commonly use BriskHeat components. 

Solve your application’s fluid handling issues with BriskHeat heating tape, pumps & valves from Meacon, a leading distributor of high purity and industrial fluid handling components and systems. We have experienced staff, extensive product inventory and offer engineering services, custom assembly and testing, online technical support, on-site inventory management and technical training seminars


  • Biodiesel Drum Heating
  • Composite Curing
  • Condensation Prevention
  • Drum, Pail, and Tank Viscosity Control
  • Flow / Viscosity Control
  • Freeze Protection
  • Gas / Vacuum Bake-out
  • Hopper Bridging and Corrosion Control
  • Laboratory
  • Liquid Caustic Soda Temperature Maintenance
  • Plastic / Acrylic Bending
  • Process Temperature Control and Maintenance
  • Semiconductor: Heating Gas Delivery Lines and Exhaust Lines
  • Valve Thawing


  • Heating Tapes
  • Cloth Heating Jackets
  • Heating Cable & Cords
  • Heating Blankets
  • Drum & Pail Heaters
  • IBC / Tote Tank Heaters
  • Gas Cylinder Warmers
  • Etched Foil Heaters
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Beaker & Flask Heaters
  • Flexible Pipe insulation