Flow Control for Aggressive and Ultra-Pure Liquids

Monitor and control aggressive and ultra-pure liquids with flow control products from FutureStar.

Founded in 1984, FutureStar manufacturers industry-leading flow meters, level sensors, metering valves, proportional control valves and flow switches using PFA, PTFE and other high performance fluoropolymers. The company’s Teflon flow meters feature a patented design with no metals and are capable of flows up to 20 gpm. 

FutureStar products are ideal for semiconductor processing equipment manufacturers and semiconductor end users. Products are designed to provide fast, repeatable and accurate flow control in a compact package.

Meacon is a leading FutureStar flow control products supplier. Whether an off-the-shelf product or custom fabrication, our highly trained experts can help solve your fluid handling challenges.

Sonic Series Flowmeters

  • Ultrasonic Purge Meter (5UP)


  • Mini Rotameter (Mini-Pathfinder)
  • Rotameter up to 6000 ml/min (Pathfinder)
  • Rotameter up to 20 GPM (Odyssey)
  • Analog Rotometer up to 6000 ml/min (Analog Pathfinder)
  • Analog Rrotometer up to 10 GPM (Analog Odyssey)
  • Paddlewheel (Monitor)
  • Vortex (KVF)

i-Flow Controllers

  • V Series – with Vortex Flowmeter


  • Precision Metering
  • Quick Exhaust (Guardian)
  • Electronic Proportioning AutoValve


  • Fiber Optic and Magnetic (Standard Sentinel)
  • Electronic (Electronic Sentinel)