Microelectronics Industry

The microelectronics industry, which includes very sophisticated data storage devices, complex displays and solar panels is always under pressure to produce products that are smaller, faster and more powerful.  Production processes must be highly efficient and productive which means, in-part, particulate and other types of impurities must be reduced or eliminated. Help boost production efficiency and help reduce potential contamination of your processes with flow components, systems and services from Meacon Corporation.

We are a leading supplier of fluid-handling products used in a variety of high purity, sanitary and industrial process applications from the world’s premier manufacturers, making it easy to find quality components for your process with quick delivery and at affordable prices. Our product selection includes pressure regulators, valves, flowmeters, pumps, tubing, fittings, filters, vacuum fittings and custom assemblies just to name a few.

Meacon is committed to developing long term partnerships with our customers by working closely at all levels. With years of experience serving the microelectronics industry, we can help deliver solutions tailored to suit your needs.  In addition, our team offers online technical support, on-site inventory management, custom assembly and technical training seminars. 

Strengthen your process with high quality flow components, systems and services from Meacon Corporation.