Mini-AutoValve TM

Mini-AutoValve TM


Futurestar’s new Mini-AutoValve TM (aka mAV) is a proportional control valve that provides unparalleled performance in the control of critical process flows. The new mAV offers a much smaller footprint compared to Futurestar's standard AutoValve with a 48% smaller total volume.  The mAV is ideal for a variety of applications such as chemical blending; dispensing and DIW quick rinse metering.


  • Improved Performance and Updated PID and digital filters
  • Repeatable, Accurate and Reliable Performance
  • More Economical (75% of the cost of the standard AutoValve)
  • Ease of installation
    • Make & break cable/valve connection
    • Cable remains in place or can be installed separately from mAV
    • Removable Mounting Tabs
    • Make and break electronic I/O & Power Connection at mAV
    • Linear flow characteristics make this product ideal for blending and metering.
    • LED on mAV and Dongle for Operational Status
    • Compatible with 8 channel controllers with either analog or Ether-CAT communications
      • Check Factory for release dates
      • Designed for remote 4-20 mA control input, these valves offer the ability to control the blending/dispensing of chemistries at repeatable and precise settings.
      • May be used with a variety of feedback devices with 4-20 mA outputs
        • Flow sensors
          • Ultra sonic
          • Coriolis
          • Vortex
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors


Combining Futurestar’s proven metering valve design, precision stepper motor and state-of-the-art software, the mAV offer process and tool engineers flexibility for an infinite variety of process control possibilities. The stepper motor works with an analog input into the mAV and moves the metering valve to a position corresponding to the input.  Designed to be used in either closed loop or open loop control systems. Materials of construction make these valves excellent selections for ultra-pure DI water as well as ultra pure and aggressive liquids.


Materials of Construction

  • mAV
  • Wetted parts: PTFE, PFA
  • Non-wetted parts: PVDF, polypropylene
  • Cable: PVC jacketed
  • Dongle: PVC


Smaller footprint over standard AutoValve

  • 48% smaller in total volume vs. standard AV
  • 2.14L x 1.57 W x 3.52H vs 2.25L x 1.92W x 6.5H

Operating Specifications

Cv Range

  • 0.04 to 0.5 Cv

Flow Range (typical of Standard AV)

  • 6 ranges from 20-300 ml/min (UJ series) through 0.4-4.0 LPM (AI series)               
  • Additional and customized flow ranges

Pressure (Matches rating of fitting connections)

  • Max 60 PSI (to 90C),
  • 25 PSI to 185C


  • 90C
  • 185C


  • Pillar Super 300, 1/4” & 3/8”

Cable, w/ dongle

  • Length options are available for optimum installation
    • mAV cable end with proprietary connection to mAV
    • user end pig tail