Parker - Advanced Filtration

Parker - Advanced Filtration

Parker - Advanced Filtration

High Quality Liquid, Gas and Steam Filters

Achieve optimum filtration of your process with high-quality liquid filtration products from Parker Process Filtration. 

Parker designs and manufactures a variety of filtration and separation products including membrane, pleated, bonded, absorbent and string-wound elements, standard and custom filter vessels, and liquid bag filters.

With more than 50 years of filtration and separation manufacturing experience, Parker Process Filtration devices are ideal for the life sciences, food and beverage, oil and gas, industrial processing and microelectronics markets.

Obtain the right product for your process with assistance from the experts at Meacon, a leading Parker filtration products distributor and supplier of high purity and industrial fluid handling components and systems.


  • Liquid Filters – Cartridges and Capsules
  • Liquid Filters – Bags and Strainers
  • Liquid Filters – Leaves, Sheets and Media
  • Liquid Filter Vessels
  • Cross Flow Membrane Filters
  • Gas Filters
  • Steam Filtration
  • Compressed Air Filters
  • Liquid Filter Integrity Testing and Analysis Equipment
  • Gas Filter Integrity Testing and Analysis Equipment

Industries & Applications

Bioprocessing & Pharmaceuticals Buffer Preparation & Storage
  Filtration & Dispense of Bulk Drug Substance
  Intermediate Product Filtration
  Tangential Flow Filtration
  Virus Filtration
  Virus Inactivation
  Cell Culture Harvest
  Gravimetric Bioreactor Maintenance
  Growth Media Preparation
  Chemically Synthesized Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  Large-Scale Fermentation
  Pharmaceutical Final Fill & Finish
Food and Beverage Blanketing
  Product Purge
  Short-term stabilization, standardization and tank transfer
  Tank Vent Filtration
  Trap Filtration
  Sanitary Separations
  Gas Sterilization for Aseptic Filling
Industrial Additives
  Deionized water process
  Resin process
  Fine & high purity chemicals
  Polymers & Monomers
  Additives & Raw Materials
  Commerical & Industrial Coatings
  Printing Inks
  Specialty & Performance Coatings
Microelectronics Electroless Nickel Plating
  Pre-sputter Etch & Clean
  Wash Processes
  Ultra-Pure Water
  Batch wet etch & clean
  Chemical distribution
  ECD copper plating
  Single wafer wet etch & clean
  Acids and Bases
Chemical Manufacturing Acids and Bases
Oil & Gas Amine Sweetening | Glycol Dehydration
  Final product filtration