Semiconductor Industry

With decreasing size and increasing energy efficiency, semiconductor technology can now connect nearly anything. As the electronic devices consumers use daily become smaller and lighter, the semiconductor industry has moved towards smaller circuit line widths on larger wafer sizes.  Using SEMI standards for the cleanliness, purity and performance of our components, our suppliers work closely with industry experts to help design products that optimize manufacturing performance and increase yield.

Whether you are looking for pressure regulators for a tool hook -up to ensure the proper flow and pressure of the gases, or working in the sub fab on the bulk chemical distribution system (BCDS) where selecting the chemical compatibility and performance of the valves and pumps is critical or choosing the right valves for a Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) process where the integrity of the slurry is very important, our knowledgeable and experienced team at Meacon Corporation can help you make the right decisions……clean, safe and dependable.

We supply fluid-handling products from world’s premier manufacturers used in a variety of high purity, sanitary and industrial process applications, making it easy to find quality components for your process with timely delivery and competitive prices. Our product portfolio includes pressure regulators, valves, flowmeters, pumps, tubing, fittings, filters, vacuum chambers, vacuum fittings and custom assemblies just to name a few.  In addition, we offer online technical support, on-site inventory management and technical training seminars.

At Meacon, we are determined to offer the best products and value-added services to our clients. From industry-leading technical expertise and a reliable supply chain, our team helps semiconductor manufacturers sustain and improve current manufacturing performance and prepare to build tomorrow's devices.

Collaborate with us to solve your semiconductor process challenges. Meacon is devoted to offering the semiconductor industry a distribution infrastructure that ensures reliable supply, consistent quality and unparalleled support.