ChemTec Equipment

ChemTec Equipment

ChemTec Equipment

Flow Monitors, Flow Switches, Flow Meters and Excess Flow Valves

Optimize a fluid handling process with flow control solutions from ChemTec Equipment, a leading flow monitor, flow switch, flow meter and excess flow valve manufacturer.

Designed, built and tested in the USA, ChemTec Equipment flow monitors & flow meters are tough and dependable. They are often used in medical, biomedical, laser technology, petroleum, natural gas, semiconductor, hydrogen and cryogenics applications, among others.

Strengthen your process with quality ChemTec Equipment flow control devices from Meacon, a leading distributor of high purity and industrial fluid handling components and systems. Our highly trained employees can help assess your needs and offer high quality, reliable solutions. Contact us today for assistance.

Adjustable Flow Monitors, Sensors & Switches

  • FAV Series
  • CCM Series
  • LCA Series
  • 500 Bypass High Pressure Series
  • 500 Bypass Series
  • 125 Bypass Series
  • 125 Series
  • Custom Adjustable Flow Switches

Non-Adjustable Flow Monitors, Sensors & Switches

  • FS Series
  • LPH Series
  • Custom Non-Adjustable Flow Switches

Flow Meters

  • MAO 500 Series
  • MAO 125/250 Series

Excess Flow Valves

  • HPEFV High Pressure Series
  • EFV Auto Reset Series
  • EFV Manual Reset Series
  • Custom Excess Flow Valves


  • Arc Suppressor XE-1201
  • Time Delay Relay Module
  • Custom Teflon® Accessories