Furon® 2" Valve

Furon 2" ValveFuron® is proud to introduce their new 2” orifice, 2-way diaphragm valves.  They are ideal for use in the semiconductor industry or other applications requiring high purity and/or superior chemical resistance.

Furon® HGVM Valves offer a reliable means of handling large volumes of aggressive or ultrapure chemistries. Engineered from virgin PTFE, injection molded PFA and other engineered thermoplastics, Furon® 2” HGVM valves offer the highest Cv flow factors of any fluoropolymer valve of its size. Our patented PTFE rolling diaphragm is ideal for use in high backpressure conditions which are commonly found in Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems. In-line fluid ports and a fully swept internal flow path support maximum flow efficiency. Contact us for more on Funron® 2" valves.

Furon 2” HGVM Valve – Pneumatically actuated

Furon 2” HGVM Valve – Manually actuated